WNS Denali links with SMBC to digitalise its procurement

WNS Denali links with SMBC to digitalise its procurement

Outcome-driven companies like SMBC partner with WNS Denali to operationalise their procurement function: Business Unit Leader Alpar Kamber explains

5 Tips to Get Started with Sustainable Procurement: Procurement Pro-Tip Series

In this episode of the WNS Denali Earth Day Pro-Tip series, Vaishali Baid joins Thomas Udesen, the Chief Procurement Officer of Bayer and the co-founder of The Sustainable Procurement Pledge. Thomas is filled with inspiring tips and advice to get started with sustainable procurement, including:

• The responsibility of procurement and sustainability
• How to act NOW (and act with speed)
• Ways harness the power of information for your sustainability efforts
• The importance of collaboration
• Ways to see sustainable procurement as a journey – not a destination

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WNS Denali Procurement Services Overview

3 Tips for Implementing a Digital Procurement Solution: Procurement Pro-Tip Series

If you were already using a procurement cloud-based system for source-to-pay activities – you have probably seen little interruption from office working to remote working; this is the beauty of digital procurement systems. If you do not have these tools in place, Katie Tipton, Manager of Business Strategy and Procurement Systems at WNS-Denali, is here to share the level of effort and thoughts you should consider when implementing digital procurement system.

1- Define your business strategy (you should always know where you are and where you are going)
2- Know all of your processes (AP managers are gatekeepers for P2P deployment project success)
3- Establish how the software will be supported after the project is over (aka how the bus will run after everyone gets off it)

And most importantly, change management is required in every step of your project plan. This applies to systems, policies, and all parts of making sure your investment is successful. If you don’t invest in change management, you will have unhappy end-users. As a result, you will see a creep of people not being compliant and working outside of the system.

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WNS Denali links with SMBC to digitalise its procurement ecosystem

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