WNS Denali links with SMBC to digitalise its procurement

WNS Denali links with SMBC to digitalise its procurement

Outcome-driven companies like SMBC partner with WNS Denali to operationalise their procurement function: Business Unit Leader Alpar Kamber explains

5 Tips for Sourcing Construction Projects: Procurement Pro-Tip Series

Construction projects are still moving forward, even during the global pandemic. Jamie Alderman from WNS-Denali shares five tips to keep in mind if you’re asked to support a sourcing construction project to help your business. She also shares some trends, including positive ones, about how the pandemic is influencing this category.

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3 Tips to Uncover Your Business Constraints: Procurement Pro-Tip Series

Welcome to the Procurement Pro-Tip Series.

Covid19 is changing the way we think, operate, live, and work. There will be a time soon where you find yourself working on a project you’ve never done before. You might feel overwhelmed that you don’t have the skills or experience to tackle a new initiative. You could struggle with getting started because of the idea of taking on a mission-critical project to help with rapid savings or innovation is daunting.

We launched this series with one common goal: support you to change the way you work or take on new tasks with confidence and the mindset to succeed.

Today, Alpar Kamber walks you through how to overcome constraints and bottlenecks. He shares three tips with you to overcome these bottlenecks and make meaningful progress.

Coming up, our SMEs will give you the tools, frameworks, and guiding questions to help you tackle the next project or challenge that comes your way.

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3 Tips for Explaining Procurement to Your Family: Procurement Pro-Tip Series

You haven’t been initiated into Procurement unless you’ve had to explain what you do to a confused family member. It’s something we all go through, so Kamila Karasiewicz is here to make the process a little easier and more engaging: *and* just in time for holiday dinners!

Follow these three tips to engage your audience and solidify your loved ones’ understanding of the world of Procurement!

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3 Tips to Drive Your Digital Procurement: Procurement Pro-Tip Series

Every procurement team today has digital top of mind. In fact, we found in a recent benchmark survey that about 90% of CPOs are prioritizing digital first for procurement and only 28% are getting the value out of these initiatives. In today’s Procurement Pro-Tip Series, Chris Eyerman, Head of Procurement Innovation at WNS Denali, is here to share three tips to better drive your digital procurement agenda, including:

-Ways to ‘get your hands dirty’ and embrace a new mindset for digital
-Tips for creating momentum with your digital enablers
-Elements of the ecosystem to consider to make your digital transformation successful

The good news is that as a procurement practitioner, you already have what is most important for the success of a digital initiative. Watch this video to find out what that is and more!

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