SaaS: the solid, cloud foundation for robust CX

SaaS: the solid, cloud foundation for robust CX

Jack Jones, Product Manager at Aptean, examines why SaaS is the key to ensuring business continuity and CX excellence in the financial services sector…

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Transform your CX with Conversational AI

Take your CX to the next level with Conversational AI.

Conversational machine agents take advantage of various kinds of artificial intelligence including Natural Language Processing (NLP) and machine learning. Delivering a more dynamic, free-flowing conversational customer experience than chatbots, closer to a real human interaction.

By embedding AI with built-in conversational machine agent functionality in your Cloud Contact Center, your organization is able to:
– Engage with a nearly unlimited number of customers;
– Adapt workflows easily during demand spikes;
– Receive better and more accurate reporting, actionable in real-time;
– Flexibly integrate with legacy assets and other SaaS tools;
– Personalize interactions and create proactive ones;
– Save on integration and AI vendor fees with an embedded AI provider;

With conversational machine agents, your organization can grow and create differentiated and modern customer experiences.

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Oracle Integration Cloud: Sync DB Updates to a CX SaaS

This is a walkthrough of how to create an integration to poll a database to synchronize the data into a CX SaaS system

0:00 – 0:32 Welcome and Use Case Overview
0:38 – 4:08 Building the Integration
1:02 – 1:27 creating a DB connection
1:35 – 2:37 New App-Driven Integration with DB as Trigger
2:43 – 3:15 Add Marketing Cloud Invoke and Mapping
3:17 – 3:37 Add the Business Identifier and Activate the Integration
3:37 – 4:35 Running the Integration, Showing the Data Updates, and Showcasing the Monitoring Page

Link to Agent Installation: https://youtu.be/nYmOgX95wd4

Credit: Karre Lawson

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