Navigating the payment provider regulatory environment

Navigating the payment provider regulatory environment

Darryl Cumming, Director of Product Management at NMI, and Scott Talbott, SVP at ETA, outline how payment providers can prepare for increased liability

Navigating Environmental Policy with Precision Agriculture

Environmental policy affecting fertilizer use has risen as a hot topic in the industry, specifically how to meet nitrous oxide emission reduction targets.

Environmental concerns in agriculture will continue to emerge as more consumers desire to understand the impact of their purchasing decisions.

Wes Anderson, Vice President of Agronomy with SWAT MAPS, discusses various ways that precision ag tools can address these concerns and meet climate policy goals currently set by government and why these goals may be easier to achieve than we think with combinations of existing and emerging technology.

This presentation was delivered at the 2021 Virtual Precision Agriculture Conference & Ag Technology Showcase.

The OD Expert Group proposals for navigating the challenges ahead

Following the publication of the ambitious plan or revision of the European Pharmaceutical Legislation by the European Commission, the European Expert Group of Orphan Drug Incentives will host its first signature event to reflect on how the Union can face the challenges ahead for people affected by rare
conditions and enablers of innovation. We will present our policy recommendations for an efficient revision of the OMP Regulation by focusing on modulation of market exclusivity, and we will officially launch our proposals for an EU HTA methodology for OMPs.

Join us for an event that brings together a diverse group of rare disease experts to discuss and propose policy recommendations for improving the European legislative framework for orphan drugs. With a focus on collaboration and consensus-building, this event is meant to create a meaningful dialogue and help chart a path forward for a more effective legislative and regulatory framework, capable of addressing the needs of people with rare conditions and boosting innovation.

Established in 2020, the European Expert Group on Orphan Drug Incentives (OD Expert Group) is a multidisciplinary and cross-functional expert group that brings together representatives of the broad rare disease community, including researchers, academia, patient representatives, members of the investor community, rare disease companies and trade associations. Our experts and representatives of the decision-making processes will explore ideas for navigating the challenges ahead, trying to address the question of how to create a resilient ecosystem for rare diseases.

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Navigating the new regulatory environment

How best to tackle today’s regulatory environment? Jan Putnis, Head of our Financial Regulation Group, looks at how we are helping clients address challenges posed by regulation and regulators.

Physician Payment and Coding: Navigating the Regulatory Environment

Cooperative of American Physicians, Inc. (CAP) member, Dr. Michael Couris explores how increasingly complicated the payment system has gotten between coding, regulations, and technology. He explains the steps you can take to set up a robust system in your office to ensure you are getting all of the payments you are owed.

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