Julien Alzouniès

Julien Alzouniès

Alzouniès discusses remote working and the importance of digitalising modern insurance processes…

State of the Profession – 2018 Conference for Administrative and Executive Assistants

To learn more about The Conference for Administrative Excellence please visit our website: https://officedynamicsconference.com/

During the Office Dynamics 25th Annual Conference for Administrative Excellence, we held the State of the Profession session with a panel consisting of Joan Burge, Lisa Olsen, Debbie Gross, and Julie Reed. They discuss where the profession is headed, what you should be concentrating on, and gave their opinions on how to make the best of these changing times.

TFAWS 2022 PT-11 Margavio

MAS Case Study | Frank Eno from XSCoder

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Legal Issues, Insiders, and Security

An in-depth look at the barriers to sharing information on former employees’ behavior history or work ethic and what can be done to open the lines of communication between industry and government. Held April 10, 2017, at INSA’s Unprecedented Counterintelligence Threats symposium. Panel:
• Alexander W. Joel, Chief, Office of Civil Liberties, Privacy, and Transparency, Office of the Director of National Intelligence
• John Martinez, Vice President and General Counsel, Raytheon Intelligence, Information and Services
• David Mayfield, Senior Intelligence and National Security Legal Advisor, Department of the Army, Office of General Counsel
• David Buckley, Managing Director, Federal Advisory – Forensic Leader, KPMG (moderator)