Hybrid working is here to stay; fintech leaders must adapt

Hybrid working is here to stay; fintech leaders must adapt

Business coach Peter Boolkah says hybrid working is here to stay – but many leaders rely on 'presenteeism' and are still reluctant to let go of the reins.

Is Hybrid Work Here to Stay?

One of the biggest challenges facing organizations and office workers today is figuring out how to navigate a whole new world of work. In this hour-long conversation with Pamela Hinds, Chair and Professor of Management Science & Engineering, and co-director of Stanford’s Center on Work, Technology, and Organization, she shared learnings from decades of research on remote and distributed work, and discussed how we can better anticipate and work with the challenges and opportunities of hybrid work.

Hybrid 2.0 – The next-gen work model is here to stay

Future-focused e-commerce organizations are taking a lead in strategically designing a sustainable hybrid work model, reveals our recent report. Discover more at

Is hybrid working here to stay?

A staffing agency serves as a liaison between workers and employers who need their talent. But how has the pandemic changed the way people work? KPBS’s Maya Trabulsi talked with people at a local staffing agency to see how lessons learned from the pandemic are being applied at their office, and in the workforce at large.

Hybrid Work is Here to Stay

Listen to the whole conversation as FM:Systems founder and IFMA Fellow Michael Schley, dives into the evolution of technology and how it has driven change in the industry.

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