How to leverage global diversity to achieve fintech success

How to leverage global diversity to achieve fintech success

Cecilia Tamez, Chief Strategy Officer at cross-border payments network Dandelion, claims our new way of working gives fresh opportunities for diverse hires

Liz Lumley on diversity in fintech and why companies need to close the talent gap

Liz Lumley, global fintech commentator and advisor on how to bring diversity into the financial services world and why companies need this to provide the right products and services to their customer base.

Rise FinTech Insights: New York’s women are working to improve diversity in FinTech

Sasha Pilch is Co-Founder of NYC Fintech Women, an organisation with a mission to connect, promote and empower women to advance their careers. In this short video Sasha discusses some of the diversity challenges facing the FinTech sector.

NYC Fintech Women helps highlight individual success stories, share job opportunities and work with startups and corporations to increase diversity. The organisation started as a few women getting together in a bar – it now holds regular events attended by hundreds of people.

Watch the video to learn more about the work of NYC Fintech Women and hear Sasha’s suggestion for how business can improve diversity – or download the Rise FinTech Insights report in which Sasha discusses the organisation and the challenges it is addressing.

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Fintech has a major role in reigniting the global economy in a post pandemic world. It has the power to boost economic growth and support industry innovation. The journey to achieve universal financial inclusion is still underway. Developing the pillars that support the ongoing fintech transformation is critical for success. In this video, I speak about how fintech contributes to drive financial inclusion.

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0:00 Intro
2:28 Accessibility
3:26 Security & Fraud Prevention
4:21 Competition & Innovation
4:59 Alternative Lending Solutions
6:12 Mobile Financial Solutions
7:04 Empowering Women
8: 54 Outro

Merge Or Perish: Why Billion-Dollar Fintech Companies Are Suddenly Facing A Bleak Future | Forbes

Fintech is the term widely used for technol­ogy startups focused on financial services. These fledgling companies were founded mostly in the last decade, with the goal of disrupting old-guard banks, insurers and credit card companies with whiz-bang tech. Only a few short years ago, venture capitalists couldn’t get enough of the sector. But with the IPO market in a coma and fintech stocks down 60% from their peaks, venture investors and bankers have turned off the cash spigot, not just for new investments but for additional funding to existing portfolio companies.

According to CB Insights, fintech funding sank to $11 billion in the fourth quarter of last year—the lowest level since 2018. A survey of 450 early-stage startups conduc­ted last fall by January Ventures, a Boston-based venture firm, concluded that 81% had less than a year’s worth of cash on hand.

Read the full story on Forbes:

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