Harnessing data for better business outcomes

Harnessing data for better business outcomes

DigitalRoute's Stephen Hateley explains how financial services SaaS companies can harness data for better business outcomes

How You Can Start Harnessing Data

Here’s how you can start harnessing data without any help TODAY:

– Pick a small goal, for example, seeing how profitable a customer segment is.
– Understand what kind of data you’d need to achieve it.
– Jot down the data that is needed to calculate such a profitability.
– Design the report.

Don’t begin with something lofty.

Have a mid to long-term vision.

Then pick a small tangible use case to run it through the above steps.



Who we are.

Although we’re a new company, we’re experienced technology experts and entrepreneurs with a palmarès of successful product and company launches. Our passion lies within DeepTech and Data Management.

What makes us tick.

We believe that every analytics and data professional has the right to a positive user experience. It is our passion to make that experience for everyone efficient, transparent, secure – and easy to use. That’s the road we’ve taken, and we will not stop until ferris is synonymous with the best possible analytics and data management suite available.

We have built the complete and most integrated enterprise analytics platform, with numerous pre-built data sourcing, ingestion and transformation frameworks. Including a Data Science Workbench and integration points to your favourite BI tools. All built on fully virtualized data clusters and equally suited to run on the cloud or on your in-house infrastructure.

ferris is guiding, supporting and automating analytics and data science on every step of the way. From sourcing new data to analyzing it, building AI models, and automating front-to-back jobs on an enterprise level. With ferris we offer a tried and tested analytics and data platform, ready for your centralized data science, data engineering and not to forget data operations – enterprise enabled and service based.


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Harnessing Data for Evolving Consumer & Business Needs

An industry’s greatest innovators are successful not only because they deliver superior products in the present, but also – and perhaps more importantly – because they continuously solidify their place in the future through a culture of discovery that encourages modernization and disruption.

With that in mind, we’re excited to share this live stream broadcast that features senior executives at Experian with award-winning digital analyst Brian Solis discussing how technology is modernizing the industry. The 30-minute broadcast took place from our North American headquarters in Costa Mesa, California.

“Technology, innovation and new sources of data have merged to create unprecedented ways for us to solve pressing business and consumer challenges,” says Craig Boundy, chief executive officer, Experian North America. “By putting consumers at the center of what we do, we are innovating to positively impact people and modernize the way companies conduct business. This was a great event for people to learn firsthand from the leaders who are driving these innovations and creating more convenient and safer ways to operate within the data economy.”

How Data-Driven Organizations Can Improve Business Outcomes

AI-Powered Experience author Seth Earley discusses how to build data architectures with customer experience in mind in this clip from Data Summit Connect 2020. Learn more at

Utilizing data to improve business outcomes

Laurinda Pang, president, international and global account management with CenturyLink talks about the proliferation of data that is fueling the 4th Industrial Revolution and how businesses can effectively acquires, analyze and act on data to improve business outcomes.

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