Banks must maintain human connectivity as automation rises

Banks must maintain human connectivity as automation rises

Huw Newton-Hill, of training organisation Attensi, examines how banks can maintain a sense of human connectivity even as automation ramps up

The Jobs Least Affected By AI

There is a new study out that suggests that 80% of jobs in the US will be affected by AI. Chat GPT is going to cause serious social dislocation. The question is, how will we adjust to it?

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World Bank President – Human Capital & Job Automation

The world is on a “crash course” as people’s hopes collide with a future in which millions of jobs are automated, the World Bank chief has said.

Jim Yong Kim (김용) said policymakers should take action by investing in education and health.

The World Bank president was speaking in New York ahead of the group’s annual meeting in Washington DC this week.

Recorded: October 5th, 2017

Humans Need Not Apply

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This intense AI anger is exactly what experts warned of, w Elon Musk.

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The surprising benefits of curiosity:

A path towards autonomous machine intelligence, Yann LeCun

The AI is GPT-3, which you can access via OpenAI. If you ask it similar questions, you’ll usually get similar answers (with some variation based on settings and prior conversation).

The human-like avatar is from Synthesia (we created the Tesla robot avatar).

AI art resources (recommend midjourney for beginners):

How your brain conjures up your sense of self.

Monkeys check themselves out in the mirror.